The Petrotech 2016 conference takes place under the theme Teaming Up for Excellence: Industry, Government and Education and will address the following topics. The call for abstracts is now closed. Authors will be notified of abstract review results by email. Join our mailing list for more updates.

1. Market Intelligence / Governmental Regulations and Plant Economics

  • Impact on refinery economics from regional and global supply-demand dynamics in near term
  • North American shale evolution impacting Middle East downstream industry
  • Technology options on integration to petrochemicals to enhance competitiveness of Middle East
  • Long term capital investment decisions and strategic plans to economically optimise product portfolio and innovate successfully, safely and sustainably
  • Insights and workflow tools, industry knowledge, market forecasts and analytics that can support new feed-stocks, supply and distribution value-chain management

2. Energy Management

  • Energy performance management
  • Process solutions for energy efficiency and conservation
  • Utilities systems design and operations optimisation
  • Energy recovery technologies
  • Large scale energy systems modelling and optimisation
  • Electrical energy systems technologies
  • Steam-traps efficiency
  • Best practices and lesson learnt

3. Operational Excellence

  • Maximise performance and return on capital across all assets
  • Identify root causes behind process upset, troubleshooting, case study
  • Best-in-class standards and systems, standardised and adopted consistently across an entire business
  • Increase the reliability and availability of the assets
  • Implement changes in leadership thinking and behaviours to support organisational transformation
  • Enhance visibility into field operations to mitigate and manage risk
  • Performance benchmarking

4. Project Challenges

  • Plan for successful project commission
  • Impact of project challenges on achieving project goals and objectives
  • Typical challenges facing projects in downstream petroleum and petrochemical industry
  • Best approaches in managing unexpected obstacles and challenges for smooth project execution and commissioning – case studies
  • Project management tools
  • Project commission challenges
  • Project financing

5. HSE and Risk Management

  • Behavioural base safety
  • Safety management systems
  • Safety at work, road, and home
  • Prevents incidents vs preventing unsafe conditions
  • Tools and technology to create safety culture
  • Environment from compliance to sustainability
  • Green plant, clean environment, healthy future generation
  • Flair optimisation

6. Smart Plant and Technology

  • Plant / process automation
  • Advanced process control techniques and strategies
  • Off line/online process optimisation
  • Modernisation measures (software and knowledge share, systems development, documentation)
  • Monitoring tools (dash board, KPIs and MIS)
  • Intelligent system
  • Wireless technology
  • Case studies and success stories

7. Plant Reliability and Integrity

  • Create total plant reliability culture
  • Best turnaround practices for long cycle unit integrity
  • How to achieve maintenance planning excellence
  • Transforming maintenance strategy toward proactive
  • Enhance the NDT inspection with new technology
  • Corrosion classes and damage mechanism
  • Reliability and integrity for plant safety
  • Enterprise asset performance concept
  • ISO 55000 asset management system

8. Catalyst Management and Development

  • Catalyst development and design to enhance plant profitability
  • Catalyst management from supply to disposal
  • New technologies for recycling of spent catalysts: regeneration and metal recovery
  • Ex-situ regeneration for budget optimisation
  • Spent catalyst waste minimisation and utilisation
  • Environmental routes for catalyst disposal

9. People Development

  • Developing future leaders
  • People training and development challenges
  • Career advancement opportunities for employees
  • Clear and transparent work culture and open leadership
  • Retaining and rewarding talented candidates in competitive market
  • People productivity vs efficiency
  • Creating a challenging and inspiring workplace
  • Attracting top talent to organisation
  • Elevating human capital investments