Rebecca Liebert
President & CEO
Honeywell UOP


Forum Panel 2: The Role of Industry

Presentation title:

The Role of Industry in Meeting Today’s Challenges and Enhancing National Developments


Given the current industry landscape in terms of market uncertainty and volatility, there are key imperatives that countries must stay focused on in order to increase prosperity and enhance national economic developments.  Throughout the development of this region’s downstream sector, both business and industry have played a crucial role in enabling nations to diversify their economies and increase the value out of every barrel of oil produced.  Now, more than ever, partnerships with industry and technology entities must be fostered in order to facilitate regional opportunities.  Effective monetization of long feedstock positions domestically, cleaner fuels production along with employment creation and enhancing local skills are some of these opportunities.  In addition, breakthrough strategies to optimize the performance and value out of existing assets is another key opportunity that through technology is now at the cusp of revolutionizing the Middle East’s downstream sector.