Jean Sentenac
Chairman & CEO


Forum Panel 2: The Role of Industry

Presentation title:

GCC Resources Optimization


Thanks to fossil fuel reserves and exports, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) growth model has delivered strong economic and social outcomes over several decades. Nevertheless, the continued and impressive growth of local demand has implications. Over the past decade, oil consumption in the six GCC states has grown by a yearly average of 6.5%, much faster than the world average.

The key message of the keynote presentation will address an optimized consumption of GCC resources. Develop operations and services reducing the local consumption of fuel, energy, materials, minerals and water represents an important high-skilled job creation in the GCC. These moves can be partially financed by the savings generated, freeing extra oil derivatives export capacity.

In order to illustrate this key message, the three following topics will be addressed and illustrated through examples.

  • Energy resources optimization: energy efficiency, motor fuel vehicles consumption, solar energy potential …
  • Input materials (such as catalysts) consumption optimisation: illustrated by industrial investments in the GCC by IFP Group (Axens Catalyst Arabia Limited & Al Bilad Catalyst Company Limited)
  • Water resources optimization illustrated by water consumption reduction for a catalytic hydrocracking unit