Dr. Roy Blatchford
Advisor on Education Reform
Government of Bahrain

Presentation title:

Global Excellence in education and training


Forum Panel 1: The Role of Education


Roy Blatchford CBE (Education Advisor, Kingdom of Bahrain) will argue the case that an excellent education system – from kindergarten to higher education – lies at the heart of a country’s successful economy. He will outline 10 factors to achieve global excellence in education and training, and focus on the key ways to achieve that excellence.


  • Kindergarten: ‘running start’
  • 21st century curriculum
  • High quality learning environments
  • High standards of student achievement
  • International perspective
  • Leadership at all levels
  • Education & training serving labour market
  • Graduation, post-graduation and research
  • Independent quality assurance
  • Invest in teachers


  • Political will
  • Challenge orthodoxies
  • Harness data
  • Small-scale innovation & whole-scale implementation to drive for results